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Tuo Sthgil AMV

Hey, this describes what I enjoy the most at school. Watching kids fight is always a plus.

Song: Lights Out by Mindless Self Indulgence

Kannagi Official Promo Video With English Subs…

I’m confused. Can we count this as an official confirmation of an English release, or are they messing with us?

Kannagi Episode 14 Preview Streamed

kannagi988sz5The 14th episode of Kannagi never aired on TV, but will be in the 7th volume (Japanese) of Kannagi.

Technically, this is more of an OVA, but I guess it could be counted as an episode if it has some connection to the story from the original. But, who cares, it’s Kannagi so it’s going to be good.

Kannagi is all about a goddess, Nagi, who is transfered into a human body made from her tree. It’s more of a slice of life anime then anything, but it is still good. Maybe we can get a second season soon after this.

You can watch the preview here.

December 30th…

was a decent day. Slow, but I still had fun. I started realizing how bad my TV was since I am getting my new one tomorrow. I can see these flickers that made me think I was going crazy until I got closer and notice what it was. Those will be gone tomorrow. I wish I had a job though. I need some new anime to test out on it. Of course the first one I wil try is my goddess, Haruhi. Why wouldn’t I? It is a very pretty anime, except for the low quality, but extremely hilarious first episode. I loved that episode because it reminded me of something I would make. Well, I am going to bed now, but here are 2 AMVs for you late night readers and the people that will read tomorrow.

My favorite Kannagi video I have seen on youtube.