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Zelda II Rap

These guys are amazing, can’t wait for them to finish the Earthbound one.


The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Trailer

Looks fun, but a little weird for a Zelda game. I have Phantom Hourglass but haven’t beaten it, so maybe i should play that so I can be used to the gameplay of the new one.

Though, I would like them to bring back the way Ocarina Of Time played for the next DS Zelda after this.

Wii Is Going To Exceed PS2 Install Base According To Nintendo

I think Nintendo is getting a little big headed now. I doubt this will happen. But Nintendo believes that the software they show will be a system seller. Hmmm… There are only 2 things that could be if they plan to have the core gamers. Metroid and Zelda. So, lets hopeĀ  they do show a new Metroid or Zelda game, because we surely need one.